Wildfires: Protect your lungs and immune system from smoke and help your body detoxify during times of poor air quality

The Northern California wildfires continue to rage and devastate entire communities. It breaks my heart that so many people have experienced such great loss.  If you live in Northern California, you know how bad the air quality has been over the last few days. As I write this, a very light ash is falling in San Francisco and my eyes and lungs burned as I ran a quick errand outside this morning. I cannot even imagine how bad it is for all the people that live further north in the wine country region.

It occurred to me yesterday as I was meeting with a few doctors in smoky San Mateo that I really need to put together a supplement protocol for respiratory and immune system health during these times of very poor air quality.  And do it soon!  Based on research and clinical effectiveness, here is my best protocol for supporting your health until the air quality gets better.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine:  1 capsule twice daily during exposure to smoke

Quercetin + Nettles – 1 cap three times daily to bring down histamine and inflammation

Detox-Antiox – 2 capsules daily to help combat free radicals and support detoxification

On another note, now is a good time to invest in an air purifier. It is a good idea to run an air purifier all year round, especially if you are an urban dweller. My favorite brand and the one I own: Austin AIR

I hope this information is helpful to you and please let me know how I can be of further assistance.