The Energy Cycle: How to Get Back Your Get-Up-And-Go Part 7—Endocrine Imbalance

To this point, I’ve posted six blogs on the ways your get-up-and-go is being sapped. I’ve covered food sensitivities and allergies, caffeine, stress, toxins and preservatives, fat storage and exercise. Now this is the seventh, and final, post, which is on the effect of endocrine imbalances.

When it comes to energy levels, you can’t ignore endocrine imbalances, either. These include low thyroid function or tired adrenals.

However, addressing endocrine imbalances is a separate topic that requires a lot of attention. But just to put it out there, toxins and allergenic foods can contribute to low thyroid function. And chronic stress and blood sugar imbalances can make your adrenals gland tired.

For an easy solution to getting back your get-up-and-go, I’ve found I’ve found that a three week cleanse program is an ideal place to start. Why? Because a cleanse program immediately addresses the toxins and blood sugar imbalances that affect your thyroid and adrenal gland functions.

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And please, be sure to read (and re-read)all seven blog posts in this series on getting back your get-up-and-go.