Lauree Murphy

Beth’s cleanse program made me more aware of what I was putting in my body. Cutting things out was easier than I thought. I made some permanent changes to my eating habits, including giving up Diet Coke! During the cleanse I slept great, had plenty of energy and even lost a few pounds.

Heather Keane

The overall experience was amazing! I felt cleaner and fresher and could think clearly.  And I had amazing dreams. My family has also changed their eating habits and together we are making more conscious choices about the foods we eat.


Candice W, M.

My experience with Beth’s cleanse program was truly life changing! Not only did my digestive problems and the pain associated with it completely disappear while on the cleanse, but I also started sleeping better and being super productive with the extra energy I had. The best part is that it gave me a clean slate so I could identify how different foods affect my body, and how I can avoid the ones that were causing me such pain before.



This was a really great experience for me. I never thought I could do this program, and I feel really good that I did it! Having the support of Beth, the group meetings, the materials, the email contact, and the yummy shakes were all part of what made it successful! By the end I felt really great – less bloated, more energetic, lighter, less fuzzy, more alert, more patient with my kids, and I even lost 4 pounds. I learned how to eat and cook in a way that substitutes less healthful foods for more healthful ones – and it’s great to cook this way for my family.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 9 years ago and started the cleanse with pain and fatigue. Three weeks later, I have no pain, lots of energy to burn, lost another 2 pounds, my thinking is clear, and I feel like I am 15 years younger. I can now do aerobics which I never had the energy to do before.


I have been through the detox program a few times. Now that I’m conscious of the impact various foods have on my body, I can manage my weight and energy shifts quite easily. Each time I did the cleanse I became aware of food habits that were not to my benefit, and each time I picked up new healthy eating habits that I have no problem maintaining. Beth did a great job presenting the material, challenging us just the right amount so that the cleanse was a great learning experience, totally do-able, and fun.


Doing a cleanse was a great experience. I was amazed how easy it was to eat healthy organic foods all the time and completely cut out sugar, caffeine, and damaged fats (AKA french fries!). The cleanse was actually fun to follow and the shakes tastes great! I felt great both physically and mentally and had a lot of energy throughout the cleanse. An added benefit was that I lost some weight and I lowered my body fat percentage.