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My name is Beth Gillespie. After witnessing Alzheimer’s Disease steal the memories and ultimately the life from my grandmother and my uncle, I resolved to learn as much as I could about the brain and what causes dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  My training in Environmental Medicine  had already taught me that certain toxins do cross the blood brain barrier and cause memory loss, lower IQ, anxiety, and mood disorders. In 2016, I discovered the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen and for the first time ever learned that mild cognitive impairment and early stage Alzheimer’s Disease can be reversed!  We just need to discover the underlying cause or causes! This gave me renewed hope and inspired me to learn even more and share this knowledge and work with as many people as possible.  

I already know from my family history and genetic testing that I carry a higher risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.  In addition, I had a severe concussion when I was in 7th grade.  I am focusing on preventative strategies NOW to ensure that my brain serves me well as long as I live.  And I want to make sure that you have the knowledge and tools to do the same!  

Four major reasons your brain is not functioning optimally and steps you can take now to feel you again!

Unlock Your Maximum Brain Health Potential!


Taking care of your brain is really a matter of taking care of the rest of your body!  A decline in brain function usually happens over several decades, thus it is really important to take care of your brain starting in your early 40’s…even in your 30’s!  If you have noticed a change in your ability to focus, recall names and events, remember where you place personal items, and stay on top of your work and personal tasks, there are certain key things you can do to stop and even reverse a decline in your brain function. You just need to be armed with the right information and tools!


This webinar is for you if:

  • You have a hard time focusing and your brain feels “foggy”
  • You have problems with recall. The name of a favorite song, movie, or restaurant is right at the tip of your tongue, but it just doesn’t come out.
  • You notice that you are frequently forgetting names and sometimes even faces.
  • You forget what you are saying mid-sentence.
  • You walk into a room and cannot remember why.
  •  You frequently misplace your personal items.
  •  Your brain feels like it has slowed down; you don’t process
  •  You find that it is more difficult to learn new things.
  •  You catch yourself joking about your memory often.
  • You frequently feel stressed out and unable to deal with day-to-day challenges
  • You have started to notice that you are often moody and just don’t feel yourself
  • Friends or family members have commented on your memory or mood.
  • You have family members that have had or have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • You are in your forties, fifties, or sixties and want to take a proactive approach to keep your brain sharp for life!


Please join my webinar to learn more about which hormones are protective to your brain and how to test for them.


Thanks to the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen and other neuroscientists and researchers, we know know that brain decline, including dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, is the result of different types of imbalances in the body.  And the underlying cause of brain decline varies from person to person.  So it is no wonder that countless drugs that were to be the cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease have not worked.  They are not addressing the individual and what is driving the process of brain decline in that individual.


In this webinar, you will learn four key reasons that your brain is not functioning optimally and what you can do about it.

What you will learn:

  • How hormones affect your brain health and when/how to test your hormone levels
  • The impact of insulin resistance on your brain health and how to determine if you are insulin resistant
  • What heavy metals are most detrimental to your brain and how to reduce exposure to them and support their detoxification out of your body
  • The link between your oral and gut health and your brain health. And key steps you can take to identify if a bacterial or viral gut infection is leading to a decline in your brain function.


I look forward to sharing this very important information with you so you can live a long life with a healthy brain!!


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