Your DNA Road Map to Weight Loss

Let Your Genes Solve the Mystery of the Most Effective Diet and Exercise Program for You to Lose Weight and Stay Fit…for Life!

What is the best diet for You to lose weight and keep weight off — permanently?

What type of exercise do You need to do to look and feel good in your clothes without wasted hours of effort and struggle?

What can you learn from Your genes to keep your energy levels up and your metabolism humming in high gear?

Low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, Paleo, Atkins – what is the best diet for you to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight? A different opinion in the media almost every day! Cycling, jogging, swimming, spin class, TRX, Cross Fit, yoga, pilates – which type of exercise is going to help you optimize your metabolism and stay trim? B Complex, fat burning supplements, do you need more vitamin D? Confused by all the options?

Know Your Genes to Unlock Your Maximum Health Potential!

Knowing your genes provides you with the ideal place to get started! Your personal genetic code helps you determine the best diet and exercise program for you to lose weight, maintain your ideal weight long term, and achieve your optimal metabolism so that looking and feeling good is not such a struggle! Your genes also tell you your likelihood of responding favorably to certain nutritional supplements, taking the guesswork out of what supplements you should take to help you have higher energy levels and overall good health!

Are you a busy entrepreneur? A corporate executive with demanding hours? Don’t have time to try all kinds of diets? Don’t have time to work out 2 to 3 hours every day? Yet you want to lose a few pounds and fit better into your clothes? Do you need to increase your energy levels to keep up with the demands of running your business or navigating family and work life? Genetic testing provides your key to weight loss and increased energy levels!

Genetic testing is easy! Using a saliva collection kit, you provide a small amount of saliva, mail in the sample, and wait for your results! The saliva is analyzed in a government certified laboratory and your DNA is stored in a secure DNA lockbox.

Your DNA Roadmap to Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • The DNA test (a $479.00 value)
  • 4 virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with me
  • Email support in between meetings with super useful tips and resources
  • A custom menu plan based on your genetic results AND current food sensitivities and preferences
  • Review of any recent lab tests you have completed in the last year

More details:

Meeting One:

  • Comprehensive health history assessment with review of your current diet, eating habits, and lifestyle.
  • Together we write out your 3 major health goals and how you want to feel.
  • Instructions on how to do the Genetics test (it is really easy!)
  • And we agree on 3 actions items that you can implement right away to get started while waiting for the results of the test.

Meeting Two:

  • We review the results of your Genetics test in detail and put together your personalized diet, exercise and vitamin program!

Meeting Three (2 weeks later):

  • We assess your progress and how you are responding to the program, make any necessary adjustments, and revisit your 3 major health goals.

Meeting Four (2 weeks after Meeting Three):

  • Your accountability check in! Let’s make sure that you are on track and feeling good about your progress!

You are an ideal candidate for this program if:

  • You are really busy and don’t have time to try all kinds of diets that might or might not work.
  • You don’t have time to work out 1 to 2 hours every day. Yet you want to lose a few pounds and fit better into your clothes.
  •  You need to increase your energy levels to keep up with the demands of running your business or navigating the demands of family and work life.
  • You have tried multiple diets and exercise programs with little success.
  • You have tried multiple diets and exercise programs with initial body fat loss, but then gained it all back.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of dietary and exercise advice on the internet.
  • You wish you knew exactly what supplements to take to be healthy and have a rockin’ metabolism!
  • You have reached an ideal weight for you, and now you want to maintain it for lifetime.
  • You are seeking optimal health and vitality now and are no longer willing to just get through the day.
  • You want a plan that incorporates your body’s unique requirements and makes sense for you!

Program Investment:


Special offer through May 3rd, 2013.

Having a science and technology background, this program really makes sense to me. It is based on my genetic code. With the specific results and Beth's extensive background in this field, I now know what I need to do to achieve a healthy metabolism and overall good health! Over the last few months on Beth’s program, I have lost 20 pounds and have gained a lot more energy!

—Phyllis Gunderson
Santa Clara, CA

As an individual who consistently works out, I always thought I had to push real hard in my workouts to keep off the additional pounds. But what I found after completing Beth’s Your DNA Road Map to Weight Loss program is that my genes favored more steady aerobic exercise to optimize my metabolism. The insight Beth provided into my genetic makeup of how I process carbohydrates and fats as well as how I burn carbohydrates and fats in a workout was educational and invaluable. I now workout more efficiently and leverage this knowledge to maintain my ideal weight and for the times when I want to lose a few extra pounds!

—Thelma Putzel
Santa Clara, CA