Are you ready to lower your stress levels, experience more joy,and avoid weight gain over the holidays?


Do you typically say yes to invitations or requests for your participation in projects or events without thinking of the consequences?  Too many yeses and suddenly you are overbooked and overwhelmed, your stress levels go up and instead of experiencing joy, you feel tired and cranky. Unfortunately, increased stress levels often correlate with weight gain around the middle and those pounds can sneak up pretty fast if you don’t have a strategy.  With increased stress levels, cravings kick in, especially for sugar.  Cheese, wine, and salty chips run a close second!

Can you relate?  How many times have you found yourself craving chocolate or chips to get you through a stressful afternoon or just to give you a little lift before you have to run off to another activity that you committed to and wish you could cancel!   Or maybe you find yourself craving chocolate or wine to minimize sadness, stress, loneliness, or pain that you are feeling?

Whatever the reason for cravings, they are strong and provide immediate relief, but not without feelings of guilt, remorse, and even more fatigue and stress after the fact.

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 5 Strategies To Crush Your Cravings

And Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays!



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