The Four Stages of Brain Decline: Do You Need to Take Action Now?

Have you noticed that your brain is not working like it used to?  Brain fog has increased very gradually from some days to most days? Or your brain fatigues very easily and you have to take frequent breaks from your computer or work projects?  And on top of that you have trouble focusing?  Even in your social conversations?

You are finding it harder to get out the front door on time in the morning and your organizational skills seem to have gone by the wayside.  You used to be so on top of it all…and now you feel like you are falling apart.  You are concerned; yet your family and friends tell you that you are just overwhelmed, have a lot going on, and not to worry about it.


BUT YOU KNOW THAT SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.  AND YOU WANT YOUR OLD BRAIN BACK.  Because you want to live your life fully, not struggling every day to keep on top of your work and personal life.

Please do not ignore these early signs of brain decline!  Neurodegeneration, no matter what the underlying cause, usually starts decades before you notice any symptoms.  If you are noticing mild symptoms, then the time to act is now!  Start taking care of your brain health and work with a qualified practitioner to get down to the root cause of your brain symptoms.

I have often been asked about the difference between Mild Cognitive Impairment and actual Alzheimer’s Disease.  How do you know where you stand?  And when can you make the most impact?

Actually, there are four stages:

  1. Pre-symptomatic: You have no symptoms of brain decline yet, but you have high risk of Alzheimer’s Disease due to a previous head injury, family history, genetics, or more than one anesthesia after the age of 40.  THIS IS THE PHASE TO GET PROACTIVE ABOUT YOUR BRAIN HEALTH.
  1. Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI): SCI means that you notice that your brain is not functioning as well and have complaints, yet no abnormalities show up when cognitive testing is done. This phase can last up to 10 years. THIS IS THE PHASE TO GET REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING CARE OF YOUR BRAIN.   Changes in diet and lifestyle and working with a practitioner to address underlying causes of your brain decline symptoms are crucial to prevent further decline and reverse your symptoms.
  1. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): SCI turns to MCI when tests become abnormal.  However, please note that MCI may have existed before; the tests performed might not have been sensitive enough to pick it up. MCI may last several years.  According to Dr. Dale Bredesen, 5 to 10% of MCI folks convert to AD.  AT THIS STAGE, YOU CAN STILL REVERSE YOUR SYMPTOMS AS LONG AS YOU ARE GETTING TO THE UNDERLYING CAUSE OF YOUR BRAIN DECLINE AND MAKING THE NECESSARY LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO HEAL YOUR BRAIN.
  1. MCI converts to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) when activities of daily living are affected. For example, you can no longer drive without getting lost, can no longer do bills, work, or plan ahead.  YOU CAN STILL REVERSE AD AT THIS STAGE, IT JUST WILL NOT BE AS EASY.  But it can be done and Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work has demonstrated reversal in pilot studies.

If you are at any stage above, now is the time to take action. Please check out my Revitalize Your Brain Program and schedule your complementary 30 minute strategy session with me to determine next steps.

Resource: The End of Alzheimer’s by Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD



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