Changing your thoughts and putting together your vision board to increase your energy!

Enjoying the crisp air, deep blue of the sky, and the sunshine on my face during a morning walk, I listened to one of Dave Asprey’s podcasts with guest Wesley Chapman, co-founder of A Human Project, a mission to create a community of empowered youth. Wesley Chapman was incredibly inspiring to me. He has overcome so much abuse and neglect and is now in a place to help youth live out their desired lives. He discussed how we get stuck in our stories and think we can’t be in a certain state or do something we want to do because of our past, lack of resources, and our limitations. How many times have you found yourself saying I can’t do this because or I want to do this BUT

My big desire for the last decade has always been more energy. For a big chunk of January, my energy plummeted and I felt completely flat. Nothing excited me. I just wanted to sleep and hide at home. While listening to Wesley, I realized that although I had been doing everything I could think of to increase my energy and drive (more sleep, gentle yoga, green smoothies, chicken broth, and supplements to support energy), I had not paid attention to the continuous loop of my thoughts: I have no energy. What is the matter with you? Get it together!

Crow Pose

It’s a two way street. The state of your physical body affects your thoughts and emotions, but your thoughts also affect your physical well being. So that evening I put together an energy/vitality Pinterest board. It was very therapeutic, and I even included some yoga poses that I have never been able to do…with the intention that I have a strong enough body to do those yoga poses this year! I looked at my energy board the next morning and changed my thoughts: My body is vital and will support me with all the energy I need today. And yes, I did feel an increase in my energy that day and a much more positive state of mind! I look at my energy board everyday now and align my thoughts with my board. And my energy has stayed elevated! I would love to hear if you have created your own vision boards and how they have impacted you!

And to support the two way street, I continue to eat nourishing foods, take my favorite adrenal support formula and stay dedicated to my yoga practice and early
morning walks!

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