Need Motivation? Start with Creating Sustained Energy!


I love to listen to podcasts while I am driving…and one podcast I particularly enjoy is Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof Radio.  Dave recently interviewed Brendon Burchard on the topic of motivation, following the release of Brendon’s new book: The Motivation Manifesto. Which I highly recommend!  As they were discussing motivation, the topic of taking care of your body came up, as it is really hard to sustain motivation when you have no energy and struggle to get out of bed in the morning!

A quote I love from Brendon’s new book:  “Most people would feel guilty for destroying someone’s else’s property. Yet they wreck the very temple their Creator gifted them.

Five simple tips for you to create sustained energy (and motivation):

1. Drink at minimum 2 liters of water per day.

I know, this sounds boring, but even mild dehydration slows down your metabolism!  And you can add lemon, lime, cucumber or orange slices to your water to make it more exciting.  Or how about combining some mint and cucumber?  Very tasty.

2. Taper down on caffeinated drinks in the afternoon. 

Although caffeine temporarily gives you energy, it can actually cost you energy by impacting deep sleep at night, resulting in waking up tired in the morning and needing more caffeine.  If you love coffee, consider Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof coffee made with MCT oil and grass fed butter.  But just in the morning!

3. Cut way back on refined sugar and processed foods. 

Sugar acts like a drug, temporarily raising your feel good neurotransmitters, but then resulting in a mental and physical crash. Try replacing a sugary or processed snack in the morning or afternoon with a hard boiled egg, a couple pieces of clean beef jerky**, a quick protein smoothie (if purchasing, make sure that it is not loaded with sugar!)  If you need sweet, savor a square or two of dark chocolate (70 to 80% cocoa).

4. Eat a nutritious lunch.

What about your lunch during the work day?  Does it give you energy or do you feel sluggish after you eat? Take note of how many carbohydrates you are getting at lunch time.  Are you eating a sandwich?  Or a noodle/pasta dish? Or a burrito?  Instead, what about a salad with grilled beef, chicken, or fish?  Or grilled or steamed veggies with a side of protein? Your body needs vitamins and minerals from nutrient dense foods for sustained energy.  And sorry, most commercial breads, noodles, and tortillas just don’t offer much in the way of vitamins and minerals.

5. Take a high quality multi vitamin mineral supplement each day…

…to ensure that you are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals to support energy production and mental focus!  A multi vitamin does not replace a good diet, however it can support your efforts as you make dietary changes to maximize your energy potential!

** Primal offers a clean beef jerky.  Find Primal at a discount at the online Thrive Market!

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