Oh Joy, traveling during the holidays!

The joys of traveling during the holidays!  A lot of deep breathing and patience is required. And trying not to sit next to the person who is coughing and sniffling on the plane! And there are a lot of folks with runny noses and coughs traveling this time of the year.

What can you do while traveling to stay healthy? My favorite tips:

Drink at least 1 liter of water on a 1 to 2 hour flight (more if the flight is longer) and avoid alcohol.  Alcohol is dehydrating and so is the air on an airplane!  If you drink alcohol while flying to calm the nerves, try Magnesium or a calming herbal formula instead.  I have lots of great calming formula recommendations as I am a nervous flyer myself!  Please email me if you need a suggestion!

Take your own snacks for your day of travel.  Although San Francisco International Airport actually has healthy food options, most airports still serve up the usual fast food and high carb/high sugar/high damaged fat fare.  Easy snacks this time of the year: apples, walnut-raisin mix, Epic bars, beef or turkey jerky, and cut up veggies.

One week before you travel, take a little extra Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and zinc. It helps to “load up” before you travel. And be sure to continue to take your immune support supplements while on holiday.

I am a big fan of taking PaleoGreens when I travel.  Since it is more challenging to get in greens while I travel, PaleoGreens is an easy and convenient way to supplement my green intake while on the road to keep me energized. All you have to do is mix them with water!  I am into the Mint flavor right now.

If you still get sick and end up being the annoying person on the plane who is sniffling and coughing, know that you tried your best and we are human and get sick sometimes!!  It happens!

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