Do you ever question why you take the time to eat healthy?

yosemiteDo you ever question why you take the time to eat healthy, work-out, and live a pretty healthy lifestyle? Every so often I question it all. I was reminded why I choose to live a healthy lifestyle (most of the time) while at Yosemite National Park over 4th of July weekend. There are hikes and activities for all levels of fitness; and you can’t do the most spectacular hikes with the awesome views if you are not fit (unless you are in your teens or 20’s when you can do anything!) As my boyfriend and I climbed to the top of Clouds Rest, I was so thankful for the good fuel that I put in my body and for my dedication to my exercise routine, including climbing lots of hills in SF! My legs and lungs felt so strong, even though we climbed 1,970 feet pretty quickly. We even passed up a group of 20 year olds…although they did pass us on the way down – no fear of falling! After we completed our 14.4 mile hike, I expected to be wiped out, especially the next day, but that didn’t happen. Well, I was a little tired that evening!

I was also inspired by people on the hike who were 10 to 20 years older than me; also climbing to the top. I want to be able to explore and climb big mountains 20 years from now! Next on my agenda…hiking the backcountry of Yosemite for several days. Hmmm, maybe 40 to 50 miles? I was inspired by a documentry called Mile, Mile and a Half. Check it out if you are into hiking! Adventure, exploration, and experiencing nature’s grandness are what keep me motivated to stay healthy. What are your motivations? I would love to hear!

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