The Story of the Pomegranate: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I LOVE Pomegranate seeds. I always look forward to fall and early winter when they are in season. Besides delivering tons of nutritional value, they just taste so good! Up until this year, I enjoyed them on salads and in other dishes, but only when I went out to dinner. I never bought pomegranates at the grocery store or farmer’s market…too messy, might stain my clothes, how do you get all those seeds out anyway? Pomegranates were not in my comfort zone, unless someone else prepared them! Which made me think: How many amazing foods do I not eat because they are not in my comfort zone? Do you relate to this? Starting in December, I am going to buy one veggie, fruit, spice, or other type of food each month that I have never tried before or that I have never prepared at home. After all, I have found that going outside of my comfort zone always leads to a big dopamine rush and great rewards, even if only a tasty food or dish that I have never tried before!

How to shop for a pomegranate and what to do with it when you get it home:Food Photo Pomegranate 001

Look for one that is already cracked open, if possible. When you get home, fill up a big bowl about half way with water. Gently break apart the pomegranate with both hands; it will break apart easily. Then you will have big chunks of pomegranate. Remove the seeds from the chunks into the bowl of water and just let the seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl. This helps prevent the pomegranate juice from staining your sink or clothes. When you are done (takes 3 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the pomegranate), put the water and seeds in a colander and let the water drain and seeds dry. I keep the seeds in the refrigerator and eat plain as snacks or add to salads and smoothies. You can also add to hot cereals as well!

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