Who is Right About Best Diet For Healthy Weight Loss? Do Your Genes Solve the Mystery?

I recently listened to a lecture presented by Dr. Andrew Weil on optimal diet.   He brought up a good  point.  The different diet camps (Paleo, Low Fat, Raw Foods, Traditional Foods, Vegan, etc.) have created a lot of division among Americans seeking better health and certainly do not pay respect to individual preferences and ethnicity.  And might I add, these diets also do not take into account digestive capacity, lifestyle factors, and religious beliefs.  And some of these diets certainly do not address individual food sensitivities.   The stress of figuring out which foods to eat to be healthy has taken the joy out of eating for many Americans.  I have worked with clients who expressed that they didn’t want to have to deal with eating…it just had become too much of a chore!  Alas, what do you do?

Well, it does appear that most progressive nutritionists, health experts, and practitioners who integrate nutrition into their practices agree on two things:

  • An abundance of plant foods are critically important to living a long, healthy, and happy life.  Although there is debate on whether they should be mostly raw or mostly cooked!
  • Junky processed foods and beverages have no place in a diet for optimal health.

There is also the question as to what type of diet our planet can sustain.  A recent article from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine cited a study from the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment that the more animal products people consume; the less likely we are to feed future generations.  According to this study, globally, meat and dairy consumption is expected to increase by 68 and 57 percent, respectively, by 2030.  Looking at our eating habits and the health of the planet is a big topic, but not often discussed.

When it comes to the best diet for you, take into account your preferences, lifestyle, possible food sensitivities, health of your gut, and specific nutrient deficiencies caused by medications, too much alcohol, or just poor diet.  You may need a qualified nutritionist to help you out with this.  And then consider looking at your genetic code to further customize your diet and reach your optimal state of metabolism and health.

  • Are you hard wired to absorb a larger amount of fat from your diet or a smaller amount?
  • Burn carbohydrates from your diet or convert them to fat?
  • Break down fat easily when you exercise or not be as responsive to breaking down fat with high intensity exercise?
  • Be more resistant to weight loss if you are sedentary?

All of these questions can be answered by your genes!  Your genetic code can help you determine the best diet and exercise program for you to lose weight, maintain your ideal weight, and achieve your optimal metabolism so that looking and feeling good is not such a struggle.  Think of your genetic code as the foundation to build a truly custom diet that paves the way for you to have a happy and healthy life!  Interested to learn more?  Set up a complementary 30 minute strategy session with me to discover if you are a good candidate for a custom program that includes genetic testing to unlock your potential for a healthy metabolism and fit body and mind!

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