Starting the Holidays with a Clean Slate!

Last day of my 10 day mini cleanse right before Thanksgiving. I am feeling light, positive, clear, even keeled and ready to approach the holidays with grace and gratitude! Why do a cleanse program right before a major holiday? I have found, along with my clients, that cleansing before the holidays helps me to stay grounded and not get so frazzled by all the chaos of holiday preparation. It also helps me to make better choices about what I eat and drink during the holiday season. I go into the holiday season with a “clean slate”.

Not that I will be super restrictive and forego traditional holiday foods! I just find that it is easier to pass up most of the foods that make me feel bloated, tired, and grouchy and instead choose the delicious foods that keep me energized and happy and able to enjoy my family and friends! Cleansing before the holidays also helps me to maintain my weight during this season when gaining a few pounds is all too easy! Cleansing makes me aware of what foods drain my energy and cause me to hold on to excess bloated weight, making them easier to avoid. And then I have more energy to get up early and exercise!

Many cultures fast BEFORE a major holiday. I think this is a great idea and it makes a lot of sense to me!  Although I must say that shopping at Whole Foods right before Thanksgiving while on a cleanse was torture. But I managed to pass up all the sample tables!

Didn’t have the opportunity to cleanse before the holidays? No worries, I will be leading a 21 day cleanse program starting January 10th. Stay tuned for details!

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