Breathe, it’s okay!

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for joining me!

My intention for this ongoing communication is:

  • To educate you about how specific foods, nutrients, and lifestyle changes can really impact the way you feel on a daily basis
  • Create a conversation about how to make diet and lifestyle changes, whether big or small, when you have a completely hectic schedule!
  • And to learn YOUR biggest challenges and how I can help you

Do you ever get stressed out or overwhelmed by trying so hard to stay in balance? How do we stay “balanced” in this crazy, busy world? I am often perplexed by this question. It seems that whenever I get a sense of balance going, something comes along to upset it! How do we balance work, eating well, exercising, sleep, taking time for yoga or meditation or any type of spiritual practice that relaxes and nourishes us, spending time with loved ones, having fun, and keeping up on personal appointments, and all of our other obligations?

Personally, I have found that at the beginning of every week I need to re-adjust, figure out what is most important to me that week, and then do my best to be okay with letting something else go. Of course, certain activities like work, sleep, and spending time with my boyfriend are pretty constant! And because I have discovered over the years what a profound effect eating well and exercise have on my overall mood and body, I make it a priority to spend time on Sunday preparing food for the week ahead (sometimes a quick stop to Whole Foods suffices!) and I do schedule in my exercise on my calendar as appointments!

This week I decided that my yoga class (my time to focus inward and de-stress) is going to have to take a back seat to a haircut that I desperately need! I will miss my yoga class, but I will also be very happy after I get my hair cut. And I will go to yoga next week. Hmmm, when am I going to fit in that oil change? Breathe, it’s okay!

What did you choose this week and what did you let go?

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