Pre-Holiday 14 Day Quick and Simple Paleo Cleanse!

Thank you for your purchase!

I am thrilled that you made the decision to invest in yourself for the next 14 days! Within two to three business days, you will receive the 14 Day Cleanse Kit via Fed Ex or USPS; be on the look-out!

While you are waiting for the cleanse products to arrive, start counting how many ounces of water you are drinking each day. Drinking plenty of water is important for many reasons, and especially during a cleanse program to flush out toxins! Go for at least ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight. If you are drinking a significant quantity of caffeine, slowly start decreasing the amount you drink daily. No headaches or migraines please!

Expect emails from me during the 14 days with useful tips, recipes, and encouragement as you go along. I appreciate that it takes courage and commitment to change your diet and lifestyle for 14 days…and I am rooting for you!

Looking forward to cleansing with you starting November 5th. Please feel free to start making some small changes as the ones I noted above while you are waiting!

I wish you health and happiness,

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